Local Accountability & Governance
29 Nov 2011
Understanding control, risk, scrutiny and leadership in alternative service models Westminster Studio, London SW1

Headline Speakers

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Michael Burton Editorial Director, The MJ
Welcome and introduction from the conference chair

Baroness Hanham CBE Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department for Communities and Local Government
Keynote address: Accountability and localism

Jessica Crowe Executive Director, Centre for Public Scrutiny
Accountability, transparency and involvement: achieving value for money and customer insight

Paul O'Brien Chief Executive, Association of Public Service Excellence
Understanding new models of service delivery and its impact on effective governance

Questions and discussion: Session 1
Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Ged Fitzgerald Chief Executive, Liverpool City Council
Sharing whilst maintaining control over quality services

Questions and Discussion Ged Fitzgerald
Dr Jane Martin Local Government Ombudsman and Acting Chair, Commission for Local Administration in England
Ensuring accountability for service failure

Panel Discussion: Session 2
1. Where will accountability for outsourced/shared services lie? 2. Does mutualisation strengthen or weaken scrutiny and accountability Danielle Proctor, Corporate Director, Transformation, Efficiency and Capability Development, Local Partnerships; To be joined by session speakers

Buffet lunch, networking and exhibition
Interview with Michael Burton
Key issue seminar 1: The role and new skills needed by the elected member
Paul O'Brien, Chief Executive, Association of Public Service Excellence

Key issue seminar 2: Managing complaints in an era of budget constraints and new service models
Michael King, Deputy Ombudsman, Local Government Ombudsman

Key issue seminar 3: Making accountability work in mutualisation and social enterprise
Danielle Proctor, Corporate Director, Transformation, Efficiency and Capability Development, Local Partnerships

Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh Leader, London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
Afternoon keynote: Managing shared management between councils and services

Professor Colin Copus Professor of Local Politics, Local Governance Research Unit
Maintaining local democratic governance through inspection

Ben Page Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI
Effective communication: understanding the needs of customers

Panel discussion: Session 4
1. Are there changes beyond the Localism Bill which public bodies need to introduce to ensure accountability? 2. Does outsourcing services weaken the power of local government? Session speakers

Close of conference
Does the public sector have the expertise needed to operate under new service models?

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Public service reform gives the public a stronger voice in direct accountability and decision making

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Does the public sector have an understanding of where accountability sits in this new system?

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