Public Health Nursing: The Foundation of the Future
22 Oct 2013
Unite/CPHVA Annual Professional Conference
Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23rd October
Two day live broadcast from York Racecourse

Continuing professional development for School and Nursery Nurses is a key element of this year's programme - with practical, learning based content delivered by expert speakers. Sessions include:

  • The findings of the Francis Inquiry - implications for community practice
  • Violence in teenage relationships
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • The role of schools in promoting health
  • Meeting the sex education/relationship needs of young people
  • 1-2-1 school nursing campaign
  • Safeguarding children
  • Immunisation update

Confirmed speakers include:
Dr Maggie Atkinson, Children's Commissioner for England; 

Dr Helen Bedford, Senior Lecturer in Children's Health; 
Christopher Cloke, Head of CP Professional Reputation, NSPCC; 
Barbara Evans, Community Nursery Nurse, Leicestershire Partnership Trust; 
Lynne Laine, Associate Director Safeguarding, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust; 
Penny Wild, Clinical Lead - School Nursing, Bradford District Care Trust.


Day 1 - 22 Oct 2013

Carolyn Taylor, Chair, CPHVA Executive
Chair’s opening remarks

Rachael Maskell, Head of Health, Unite the Union
Christopher Cloke, Vice-President, Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association; Head of CP Professional Reputation, NSPCC
Vice-President’s welcome

Judith Ellis, Council Member,Nursing and Midwifery Council
Keynote address: The findings of the Francis Inquiry – implications for community practice

Professor Viv Bennett, Director of Nursing for Department of Health and Public Health England
Population health and personalised care: health visiting and school nursing teams improving health and well-being

Kay Carberry, Assistant General Secretary, TUC
TUC address

Chief Nurses’ platform: devolution in practice
1 Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer, England;
2 Ros Moore, Chief Nursing Officer, Scotland:
3 Charlotte McArdle, Chief Nursing Officer, Northern Ireland;
4 Professor Jean White, Chief Nursing Officer, Wales;

Best Practice Seminar 5 The Healthy Child Programme
Chair: Toity Deave;
Evaluating a population measure of child health and development at two years from the user perspective (parents and professionals);
Dr Helen Bedford, Senior Lecturer Children's Health, UCL Institute of Child Health;
An evaluation of the Healthy Child Programme Two Year Review: an integrated development review;
Nicola Monaghan, Children's Clinical Lead (Health Visitor), Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust;
Linda McMillan, Locality Manager, Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust; Emily Wood, 0-4 years Outcomes Improvement Co-ordinator, Wigan Council.

Best Practice Seminars A: 2. Education and Research
Best Practice Seminars A: 6. Annex Z: Does this support NHS staff when they are on sick leave?
Best Practice Seminars A: CNN Symposium - Children's sleep: challenges and management
Dr Lynne Friedli, Mental Health Promotion Specialist
Public mental health

Dr Pauline Craig, Head of Equality, NHS Health Scotland
Building community capacity – the role of the public health nurse

Dr Janet Atherton, President, Association of Directors of Public Health
The public health landscape: how will integration affect community practice?

Panel discussion:
Obi Amadi, Lead Professional Officer – Health Sector, Unite the Union
Annual professional update

Unite/CPHVA presentations
Best Practice Seminar 11 The Health Visitor Implementation Plan
Chair: Dr Jane Appleton;
Driving the professional mobilisation agenda as part of the Implementation Plan: the Leeds response;
Sally Kennedy, Health Visitor Clinical Lead, Leeds Community Healthcare Trust and Kathryn Waldegrave, Health Visitor, Parkside Health Centre;
Meeting the challenge of the Health Visiting Implementation Plan: developing flexible innovative practice education models;
Jan Mitcheson, Senior Lecturer, University Campus Suffolk and Anne Devlin, Deputy Dean: Learning and Teaching, Anglia Ruskin University.

Best Practice Seminars B: 7. Parenting
Best Practice Seminars B: 12. Mental Health
Best Practice Seminars B: CNN Symposium

Day 2 - 23 Oct 2013

Masterclass: How to help parents prevent behaviour, social and emotional problems in children
Chair: Sarah Reddington-Bowes;
Sioban Boyce, Communication / Behaviour Specialist, Not Just Talking

Masterclass: Record keeping, ownership and digital transformation
Masterclass: Immunisation
Masterclass: Building research capacity: Supporting research to improve evidence-based practice
Masterclass: Breast-feeding baby friendly initiative
Masterclass: Child Sexual Exploitation: A Public Health Issue
Masterclass: Responding to Francis in a Restorative Way
Masterclass: School Nursing: Violence in Teenage Relationships
Open Mic with CPHVA Professional Team
Barbara Evans, Community Nursery Nurse, Leicestershire Partnership Trust
Emergence of the butterfly: an update on CNN regulation and launch of a new training pack for CNNs

Catherine Johnstone, Chief Executive, The Samaritans
The importance of hope in our society

Vicki Lant, UK Head of Children’s Centre Development, Barnardos
Safeguarding children – new ways of working

Dr Maggie Atkinson, Children's Commissioner for England
Health and schools: the rights of the child

Questions and discussion
Exhibitor Interview Lansinoh - Katie Hilton
Best Practice Seminar 14 Education and Research
Chair: Anita McCrum;
Why health visiting? A programme of research to support the Call to Action:
Emeritus Professor Dame Sarah Cowley, Karen Whittaker, Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire:
and Mary Malone, Lecturer and Pathway Leader Advanced Practice (SCPHN: Health Visiting and School Nursing), King’s College London.

Best Practice Seminars C: 15. Public Health Nursing Practice Tools
Best Practice Seminars C: 16. School Nursing and Health
Best Practice Seminars C: 19. MacQueen Award Winners in Practice and Research
The Nick Robin Memorial Lecture
Guest speaker: Mike Tomlinson, The Jane Tomlinson Appeal

Summation and close of conference
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