Higher Education Futures
22 May 2015
This podcast is part of the DILEMMAS programme providing background for those wrestling with strategy and planning for the coming period.
A management intelligence podcast from Policy Review exploring the challenges policy makers, managers and leading professionals may face over the coming years following the election of a new government.   Stimulate your thinking and planning and review your assumptions about government policy.
HE Futures: in full - 72 minutes
Facilitator: Neil Stewart, Director, Policy Review;
Glynn Stanfield, Partner, Education Group, Eversheds;
Julie Mercer, Global Industry Lead for Education, Deloitte

HE Futures: how does government view the university sector
What's on now:
HE Futures: government finance and revenue options for higher education
HE Futures: student policy
HE Futures: quality, teaching and learning
HE Futures: research and mission
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